Lichtung im Fluss 2023


Lichtung im Fluss 2023

Table of Contents







Table of Contents

Grafical Framework for
“Lichtung im Fluss
Festival 2023”

“The Lichtung am Fluss (“Clearing along the river”) festival was born in 2018 as a small camping party for friends by friends on a clearing in the forest along the Ybbs River. Although it’s now the fourth edition, we still try to create an intimate festival where everyone feels comfortable and participates. This creates a wonderful, collective feeling of community for us. We are not profit-oriented and our work is only rewarded by the joy we have during the festival. Our basic needs are taken care of thanks to communal cooking, the open bar system and external food stalls. Artists and workshops are mostly initiated by our participants and are not paid. They are considered the contribution of individuals to the festival to the same extent as the kitchen, infrastructure and AUA shifts. We all take care of any tasks voluntarily in the sense of the community. Our motto is: mindfulness, helpfulness and harmony!”

Logo and Typography Design

The Booklet and Mapping

Cover Booklet (Din A5), English Version

Program / Timetables

Pizza Coupon on Neon paper

Pizza Coupon

Stills, Aftermovie

Lichtung im Fluss 2023

Work with me

I work interdisciplinary and in an experimental way.

Do you have an interesting Project, that needs help in its graphic communication? Do you need a full visual identity with a website, logo, branding? You are an artist looking for collaboration? Just send me your request and let’s start thinking together!


Coming Soon…WIP

Coming Soon…WIP

Coming Soon…WIP


Hello, I’m Ferdinand –  architectural designer currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where I focused on the relationship between city and landscape, the motif of the garden, and the hidden worlds and ecologies that unfold in intersecting spaces.

Diploma Presentation. Mehrzwecksaal, Semperdepot. Januar, 2023

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