Reports from the Borderlands


Reports from the Borderlands

Table of Contents







Table of Contents


‘Reports from the Borderlands’ is a rather loose collection of different architectural designs and graphic experiments from 2019-2021, exploring different tools of representation and animation to imagine abandoned realms and rather post-apocalyptic landscape scenarios.

Landscape initially emerges as anomalies in an ordered grid. Through densification and fractures, a topography slowly emerges that needs to be explored.



Virtual Photographies (From Dust and Ruins)

(Aerial Photo:)Top view onto the borderlands — an elevated footpath leads to its center.
We observe the abandoned city from its periphery
The ground is covered in dryed up dead wood fragments.
Section / Side view – revealing the ’emptiness’ under the surface topography and the rising ruins.
Silhouette of the city, with the enormous volcanic mountain rising in the background.
A structure reaches into the flat plains where once a salt lake used to be.
Close shot from our walk along the rusty industrial facilities that still can be found between the rocks and dunes.

Reports from the Borderlands

Work with me

I work interdisciplinary and in an experimental way.

Do you have an interesting Project, that needs help in its graphic communication? Do you need a full visual identity with a website, logo, branding? You are an artist looking for collaboration? Just send me your request and let’s start thinking together!


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Coming Soon…WIP

Coming Soon…WIP


Hello, I’m Ferdinand –  architectural designer currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. I recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where I focused on the relationship between city and landscape, the motif of the garden, and the hidden worlds and ecologies that unfold in intersecting spaces.

Diploma Presentation. Mehrzwecksaal, Semperdepot. Januar, 2023

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